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Sonoma County SELPA meetings of the Superintendents' Council and Finance Committee are held monthly as listed in the link at the upper-left corner of this page under CALENDAR. All actions take place in public session to give interested and concerned citizens and groups an opportunity to be heard. Special meetings are scheduled as needed. Agendas are posted to Agenda Online one week prior to each meeting. By clicking the MEETINGS link in the upper-left corner of this page, you can view the most current meeting agenda as well as descriptions of the agenda items. Clicking on the CALENDAR link will allow you to select meetings that are in the system as of October 2013. Clicking on individual agenda items will show any additional information on that item, including any supporting documents. If an item has supporting documents, the documents can be downloaded by clicking on SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS, then Download. After navigating to a meeting, the agenda can be printed by going to the upper-right corner of the page and clicking the word AGENDA under the PRINTABLE VERSION icon. Any individual agenda item can be printed by selecting that item, then clicking the link, which is also located in the upper-right corner. MINUTES can also be reviewed and printed from the Printable Version Icon MEETING MINUTES. After minutes are approved, they are posted and accessible from that meeting’s agenda page. To print minutes, click the MINUTES link in the upper-right corner of the page. If minutes have not yet been posted, a message indicating this will appear. Help and Related Information is available by clicking the HELP link in the upper-right corner above the search bar. For assistance, contact Lynda Scigliano at or (707) 524-2752. 

Sonoma County SELPA Quick Start Guide to Agenda Online 

How to login: 

1. Type into your Internet browser’s address bar. TIP: On your own computer, book mark this link before logging in. 

2. Click LOGIN in the upper right corner. 

3. Enter login information. Email Lynda at if you forget your password. 

4. You will know you are logged in when the LOGIN button changes and your name appears to the left of the HELP button. 

To view meetings: 

1. Click MEETINGS in the upper-left corner of the screen to access the most current meeting agenda. 

2. Click CALENDAR to see a list of meetings. 

3. Click on a date from the right-hand side list or an underlined meeting name on the actual calendar to access the meeting agenda. 

4. Use the button to change the agenda view. Expanded agendas show all section and item titles along with any item summaries. Collapsed agendas show only the section titles. If you view an agenda in collapsed mode, click on the underlined section titles to show that section’s items.

Navigating within an agenda: 

1. Underlined item titles mean an item has more information. Click on the title to view more details. 

2. If an item detail screen has an attachment, you will see a button; click it to view the attachment. 

3. Use the button within Agenda Online to return to the main agenda after looking at an item detail page. 

4. Use the or buttons to navigate item to item on the agenda. This is a good way to follow along during a meeting. 

To return to the Home page, click in the upper-right corner of the screen. 

Want to search for a particular item? Use the in the upper-right corner of the page to perform a keyword search. Enter a word and click Go. If your keyword is found in an item title or detail, a page will appear with links to the matched items. 

Need to add a note? Click a sticky note to add a personal note to an item or section. Use the SAVE AND CLOSE button to return to the main agenda. A check mark will appear on the note you just created. Open the note to view, edit or delete. 

Need to print an agenda? Click AGENDA on the button on the top-right side of the screen. Choose the “Include Abstracts” to see the item summaries with the agenda titles. Then, use the File menu to print. (If you do not have a File menu, right-click to see a print option) 

Note: If you do not touch the screen for thirty minutes, the system will automatically log you out, for security purposes. If you see the “Re-enter Agenda” message, click on it to return to the home page to login.

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